Welcome to the  Space Station Independent, Registry Number SFR-2001.

We are a correspondence 'chapter' of Starfleet Sol Sector (http://www.solsector.org/)

The station is based in Zone 2 - The United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe, and our home orbit is above Scotland to be more specific, however our merry crew are based from all over the UK, and we take members from all over the world and have members from the US, UK, Italy and even Japan!

As a correspondence chapter, we keep in contact by facebook, email, whatsapp, messenger and the odd Skype call. You can put in as much or as little as you want to the chapter, and just like the Trek world, you can earn rank promotions, away mission awards (for attending comic cons, events, anything where you promote the chapter and the ethos of Trek.

We also have our own newsletter, The Rogue Tribble which is bi-monthly and crew are invited to submit articles.  

If you like Star Trek (yes, we even have crew who prefer Star Wars.....), then please go to



When you become a full member you will have gain access to our crew deck that will keep you informed of any meetings, events and important news from the Admiralty board, and will also allow you to look at our library of handbooks and manuals.

You will also be able to access the Sol Sector Command Crew pages where members from all over the globe correspond!

What are you waiting for?? We look forward to welcoming you on board!!

Captain Martin 'Haribo' Strang, SFMD

Commanding Officer, Space Station Independent SFR-2001