The Independent is a Jupiter class Station, designed after the original Jupiter orbital station that was in orbit around Jupiter circa 2122.

The original station was used as a maintenance and repair facility for Starfleet vessels as well as a supply stop for cargo ships and a training facility for the Military Assault Command Operations (MACO).


As the Delta quadrant is now easily accessible by Transwarp technology (technology given to the Federation by Kathryn Janeway) and also the discovery of a number of Dyson Spheres that allow travel between quadrants, Starfleet decided to build another station that could be used as research, repairs, R & R and also as tactical advantage.

 Another station was then built and placed in orbit around a liberated world in the Delta quadrant, (named for ease XX-271) following the long Dominion war, and the recent Iconian and mirror incursions. 

As the station is used as a platform for liberation, it was agreed to be called the 

Space Station Independent, with the station motto

"“libertas omnium” – Freedom for all"