Commanding Officer - Martin Strang

As the Commanding Officer, I run the the day-to-day business of the chapter. My role is the chief spokesperson for the group, and maintains order and function, and am responsible for the execution of STARFLEET policy and orders. I am also responsible for the interpretation and compliance with STARFLEET and diplomatic directives. As CO, my primary responsibility is for all monthly reports, and the as CO, am answerable to STARFLEET for the overall performance of the chapter. I am also responsible for assigning department heads, promotions and the structure of the station.

The buck stops with me!

Commander James Saunders

As The Executive Officer, I am also referred to as the First Officer, and the right-hand person to the Commanding Officer. My role is to implement and carry out directives, and serve as second-in-command of the chapter, with the same responsibilities as the Commanding Officer, in his/her absence. I also serve as the Regional Chief of Cadet Support for Region 20, offering support as required to chapters with younger members.

LT Kevin Peters - Security Officer

As the chapter security officer, I advise the crew on personal security matters, and may also report on real world security issues via email, the Facebook page, newsletter or all three mediums. Also when at conventions, comic-cons, outings I am responsible for the security of the stand, crew and belongings.

Nikki Vielma - Chief of Science

As the Chief Science Officer my role is to plan and organise scientific events, to include both 'off ship' outings, e.g. science museum trips and online activities, e.g. SETI. I also keep the crew abreast of any latest scientific advancement either by email, Facebook, newsletter or all three mediums. 

Chief Engineer - Andrew Pryde

As the Trainee Chief Engineer, I am responsible for maintenance of the chapter’s fictional station. I also  report on real world engineering issues and breakthroughs and report these to the crew

Chaplain - Mark 'Monk' McManus

As the station chaplain, I  am in real life a consecrated person, so am able to give spiritual advice and solace. There is even my own chapel on deck four of the station and can be accessed here

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